Informal science educator/curriculum specialist science teacher by day, baking blogger by night, former Michigander, current Rockaway Girl Brooklynite – that’s all you need to know.  Seriously, that’s about it.  Also, I had have two, tiny turtles, but they stopped being tiny so I brought them into work to live with the larger turtles.  I used to have roommates and a large staff to bake for, but now I just have myself and a small staff.  There has been a slight shift in recipes starting Feb. 2014 to include more small-batch recipes and real meals.  It’s hard to find homes for two dozen cupcakes now…

Pale YellowIn defining what this is blog is, it was effortless to describe what the blog is not: I am not a recipe developer, I am not a baker for hire (although if you ask me nicely, I do take orders), I am not here to quit my day job, and I am not here for shameless self promotion.

Pale Yellow

So why am I here?  I’m here because this is how I share and show love.  I’m not the best gift giver, nor do I have the gift to tell people what they mean to me, but I can bake you a delicious treat.  When I bake you a special something for your birthday or as a thank you or for any special (or regular) occasion, it’s my way of saying I love you and I care.  Having this blog allows me to share with a larger audience and tell my stories about why I baked what I did.

Not every recipe is baked or sweet, sometimes there are roommate dinners or cocktails or snacks.  I have tried awkwardly to improve my photography; during the first sixth months I used a canon point and shoot and since then I have been using my big girl DSLR camera, a Nikon D5100.  My words come from my heart in all their poorly edited glory.  What I’m trying to say is this: be kind, this is a work in progress, I’m a work in progress.

Pale YellowAfter sharing my baked goods with coworkers for three years they chipped in and bought me a KitchenAid stand mixer.  This was a game changer.  I started baking with a vengeance and was able to increase my output and ability.  The mixer is best gift I have ever received and I love it everyday.  Not only is it the most important tool in my kitchen, but it reminds me of the thoughtfulness and love of others.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to contact me, email is best – paleyellowbakes {at} gmail {dot} com.  Also, follow me on twitter, pinterest, or subscribe to this site.  If you would like to link back, THANK YOU!  All I ask is that you let me know and include proper citation with my blog name typed next to the photo.  Please give credit where credit is due.

Pale Yellow



21 responses to “About

  1. Irene

    I am so proud of you! I know that great things will come from this blog! I can’t wait to say ” Tracy? Yeah, I knew who when!” Best of luck!

  2. Jennifer

    Yay Tracy! So excited for you! can’t wait to bake yummy things!

  3. Joanna

    Congrats Tracy!!!! Off to a wonderful start 😉

  4. Christine

    Congrats Tracy!!! I am so happy for you and your new blog!! Your readers and followers will be tastefully rewarded with all of your knowledge!! Best of luck my friend!!!

  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate all the support!

  6. Fatema

    Wow Tracy! I am very impressed with your blog. I was always so distracted by the yummy pics that you post that I never thoroughly read through the blog before.I love that every recipe has a story behind it. You certainly do spoil us at work with your tastes treats. I w

  7. Fatema

    Wow Tracy! I am very impressed with your blog. I was always so distracted by the yummy pics that you post that I never thoroughly read through the blog before.I love that every recipe has a story behind it. You certainly do spoil us at work with your tastes treats. I wish you lots of luck with the site/blog. Now I will no longer just look at the pics, but actually read the story behind it. Lol

  8. petit4chocolatier

    Excellent blog Tracy!!

  9. Susan

    Just discovered your blog, i am going to make pumpkin truffles this weekend, i love anything pumpkin…

  10. Maurcine

    While searching for Kahula cake recipes I stumbled across your blog, and I am not obsessed. I made your Kahula cupcakes much to my coworkers and families delight. Keep baking!

  11. loralee

    I adore your blog!! I want to eat all of these! Now you can add your gluten-free creation to your other delicious deserts!

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  13. Kristen Glass

    I love the site! Your writing style is so sweet and engaging! And now having read how important baking is to you and what it means for the people you share your gift with I just want to say that I am willing to speak for the group and say that I (we) deeply value, respect, and care for you too. Can’t wait to read more and maybe even try my hand at a few recipes! After all, the cookie squares you made for class were AMAZING! Thanks again and see you soon! 🙂

    • Thanks Kristen, such sweet and kind words! Hopefully I’ll have plenty of opportunities to bake for the group over the next 2+ years!

      On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 12:11 AM, Pale Yellow wrote:


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